Artist’s Statement

My art is an enquiry into the relationships between aesthetic properties, embodiment, and meaning.
I present below a selection of works and materials as exemplars of themes I have explored through making.

B Should be Scarlet
Paper is an interface where a complex interplay between sensation and meaning takes shape. At first there is no distinction between movement and trace; drawing and writing; the letter ‘b’ and the colour in which it is drawn. In this book, the acts of showing and telling, seeing and knowing are intimately intertwined.

Sun Arcs 2012
Paper has a physical and temporal immediacy when held in the hand, but also a potential to convey us to other places and times through acts of drawing, writing, photography and printing inscribed upon its surface. The book Sun Arcs 2012  uses the visual property of unfixed negatives (they will fade when viewed) in the knowledge that the book may never be opened. In doing so, it confounds our expectations of the image as an object to be owned, and as a permanent record of times past.

Sound and Light
Pencil Drawing
Drawing on the tradition of video as a physical object with a relationship to the body, Pencil Drawing is a response to a University of Sheffield collaboration with ethnographer Dr Abigail Hackett and epidemiologist Dr Pete Dodd exploring children’s movement in a playgroup. Rather than attempting a scientific analysis of research findings, Pencil Drawing selects and reinterprets memories and physical sensations. The piece uses the disruptive, spatial and tactile properties of sound to evoke both a specific incident at the playgroup, and also a widely shared sensory experience: the sound of toys being poured onto a hard surface. Meanwhile, the content, editing and housing of video shift its possible status between reportage, story-telling and physical object.